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With its gentle coastline and the four rows of islands that protect the shore from strong winds, the Zadar region has an unusually rich and fertile hinterland, the Ravni kotari, that has always "fed" the population with the produce of its fields, while the depths of the sea have been a source of tasty fish, shellfish and molluscs.

But the real treat of Zadar's table are dishes of lamb, especially those coming from the island of Pag where the sheep graze medicinal herbs, full of essential oils, salted by the sea-laden Bora wind, which gives their meat and their milk a unique flavour. If, as an hors-d'oeuvre to this synonym for top class cuisine, you choose Pag’s sheep milk cheese, Croatia’s most awarded cheese at European competitions, and the Bora wind-cured ham of Posedarje, the gastronomic experience will be complete. To round it all off you should not forget the desert liqueur Maraschino, produced for centuries right in Zadar from the indigenous Marasca sour cherry, and exported to all imperial and royal courts, enjoyed and toasted with by the world’s most powerful rulers. It has been produced by the original, never revealed, recipe to this day at the Zadar Beverages Factory, keeper of interesting tales from the history of this liqueur


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