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Croatia: Candidate for European Tourist Destinations of Excellence

Croatia and another nine countries have been nominated for a “European Tourist Destinations of Excellence” pilot project, with a sub-theme entitled “Best New Rural Destinations”. The decision was adopted recently by the European Commission’s Tourism Advisory Committee. In the final selection along with Croatia are Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Belgium, Cyprus, Malta, Austria, Italy and Latvia, making the Croatian nomination all the more a success as it is not yet a full member of the European Union.

In 2005 the European Parliament made a proposal to the European Commission that a selection be carried out of European Tourist Destinations of Excellence. Following a debate in the Commission it was agreed that a pilot project of the “European Destinations of Excellence” be launched in 2006. Rural destinations were selected as the theme of this first competition making the sub-theme in 2006 the “Best New Rural Destinations”.

The aim of the project is to promote European tourism, but also that of all of the member states and regions, the diversity and quality of the European tourism offer, the promotion of the network of award winning destinations and to encourage other destinations to adopt models of sustainable tourism development.

The national winners will be presented at the 6th European Tourism Forum in Portugal in late October of 2007, and they will be provided access to a specially designated area for successful destinations on the European tourist destinations portal (www.visiteurope.com) with the intention of creating a network of European Destinations of Excellence.

source www.croatia.hr

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