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Arts and Entertainment Events

The tradition of the arts is centuries old here. Not to be missed nowadays are the evenings of the "Split Summers", theatre events on the city squares, streets and venues that recall their roots in the antiquity with world-renowned opera players and conductors. Trogir every summer plays host to a global competition of young tenors. The "First Home of Dalmatian Music" is also located in Trogir, in the 15th century tower of St. Mark, a gathering place for all those wanting to become better acquainted with the legacy of culture that is the musical heritage of Dalmatia.

The knight's game known as the Alka is a tradition that traces its roots to the historic victory of the people of the Cetina area over the Turks on August 15, 1715. The start of August every year sees Alkari knights and their silver-adorned steeds competing in the original garb of the Turkish army preserved in memory of the victory.

Central Dalmatia is known for its noisy nights of song. Split's Festival of Popular Music is one of the top entertainment events of the region, while the cellars of Diocletian's palace are this year the venue of evening concerts of Dalmatian chansons. In the first half of July Omiš is the traditional gathering spot of lovers of Dalmatia's authentic a cappella "Klapa" singing.


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