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Why visit Slavonia and Baranja?

Slavonia and Baranja (www.tzosbarzup.hr), the plains of eastern Croatia, bordered by the rivers Drava, Danube, Sava and Ilova, even though it may look less attractive as a tourist destination than the Adriatic part of the country, it is a real oasis for tourists who would like to, for a short time, exchange the city hustle and bustle with quiet greenery and a relaxed stay in primeval nature.

Of course, Slavonia and Baranja abounds with cultural and historical heritage, unique continental architecture, churches, fortresses, castles, thermal springs and health resorts based on thermal mineral waters. In recent years, this eastern Croatian region which in the strategy for economic development, along with agriculture also has given tourism a leading role, has invested much into the renovation of existing and construction of new, mostly, small family hotels, health and recreational complexes, construction of road infrastructure and environmental protection. War time devastation, which ravaged this region during the Homeland War, has for the most part being repaired, however the wounds on the face of the heroic city – Vukovar, will take much time to mend even though much has already been done.


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