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Slavonia and Baranja thermal springs

Slavonia and Baranja are rich with medicinal thermal and mineral springs. These have been exploited in the best possible way in Bizovac (www.tzobizovac.hr), where at the beginning of the seventies of the last century hyperthermal springs with an unbelievable temperature of 96 ºC were discovered in oil wells.

Today the Bizovac thermal springs (www.bizovacke.toplice.hr) are the most contemporary and best equipped springs in Croatia, whose multifunctional bathing complex and modernly equipped health resort enables a unique experience – an excursion into the geological history and contact with the long gone Panonian Sea. The Bizovac complex has 250 beds at its disposal in the hotel and offers guests a series of activities and facilities, but also attractive environment, rich with ethno-heritage. This heritage includes lively, colourful Bizovac national costumes which are noticed throughout the world. The Bizovac springs can also boast a rich menu mostly consisting of authentic Slavonian dishes and desserts.

The other well known Slavonian springs which were devastated in the war, the Toplice Lipik (www.tzzps.hr), have nearly completely been renovated and readily await guests.


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