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Slavonia and Baranja natural beauties

Without a doubt, the most attractive tourist destination in Slavonia and Baranja is the well known Nature Park Kopački Rit (www.kopacki-rit.com). It is a vast flooded area on the right bank of the Danube in a huge corner created by the Drava and Danube. More than 2,000 biological species reside in it, of which many rare and endangered species at a world and European level. Among these are 291 bird species and 44 fish species. In 1993 Kopački rit was listed among the list of internationally significant wetlands. The employees of the Public institution Nature Park Kopački rit take tourists on tours of the wetlands in specially constructed tourist boats with professional guides.

A visit to the Tikveč castles within the Nature Park in the hundred year old oak forest is also recommended, a favourite gathering place of many statesmen and famous personalities of times gone by, whose spirit even today rules over this area. After war time devastation, the Tikveč Castle complex has been renovated and is now the European environment centre in which a variety of programmes centred around friendly relationships with nature take place. Here too is the bio-ecological station intended for research and environmental protection and rooms with accommodation with a total of 26 beds.

In the restaurant which operates in the Tikveč complex, tourists can taste many fish, fish-soup and carp and wild game specialties. And for desert, there are homemade Slavonian cakes – poppy seed or walnut strudel. Also nearby is the restaurant “Kormoran” which also offers fish and wild game specialties. The forests of Kopački rit and all of Baranja are under the management of the Public Company Hrvatske šume that organise deer and wild boar hunting. There are about five to seven thousand wild deer in the Kopački rit and here the most trophied deer in Europe have been shot.

Since 1999, Slavonia and Baranja also have another Nature Park Papuk (www.pp-papuk.hr). This is a Slavonian mountain range with numerous natural pearls, hundred year old forests and mountain lakes and streams.


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