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Slavonia and Baranja gastronomy

Guests can enjoy numerous Slavonian gastronomy specialties. First and foremost is fiš-paprikaš (a traditional spicy fish stew) which is best prepared in numerous restaurants in Baranja, but also in Aljmaš, Erdut and Vukovar. A special attraction which is readily prepared before guests is the fish specialty – šaran u rašljama (carp between forked branches) which is roasted in its own oils over an open fire. Kulen (traditional spicy sausage) and ham and of course homemade cheese are common Slavonian specialties which all guests must try. (www.tzosbarzup.hr)

Wine tourism has also advanced in recent years in eastern Croatia. An exceptionally large number of new wine makers who have invested significant resources into growing of vineyards and equipping of wine cellars have affirmed themselves on the market. A real tourist attraction are the wine cellars of Baranja, the so called “gatori” which are dug even up to fifty metres deep underground in places like Suza and Zmajevac and a wine road has been formed. Visitors can visit the Baranja wine road at any time, with hosts readily awaiting new guests in their wine cellars happy to offer the best wines. Wine roads also call guests to the Požega valley and on one of these you can meet the most well known wine family – the family Enjingi. (www.tzosbarzup.hr).

We recommend the Osijek restaurants Bijelo-plavi, Mueler, Laguna Croatica, Plavi Podrum, Slavonska Kuća, Javor, Kormoran and the Baranjska Kuća in Karanac.


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