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Slavonia and Baranja famous people

Slavonia and Baranja, of course, also have their globally known persons: the Nobel Prize winners Vladimir Prelog and Lavoslav Ružička. Osijek also gave the world the best know world soccer player of all time by which even Croatia is well known in even the most distant places of the world, Davor Šuker.

Slavonia and Baranja transport

Given that they are only 200 to 300 kilometres away from the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb, Slavonia and Baranja, in particular Osijek, are well connected with the metropolis. On the route Zagreb-Osijek, there are a number of tens of trains and buses daily and it takes about four hours to travel from Zagreb to Osijek. With the contemporary highway from Zagreb to Slavonski Brod it only takes about 1.5 hours, while to Osijek it takes about 2.5 hours (www.tzosbarzup.hr).

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