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The cuisine of the Šibenik area is typical of Dalmatian cookery, with plenty of fish and shellfish among which Šibenik mussels stand out as a local speciality, known far and wide for their flavour and size, especially those gathered at the mouth of the Krka river as it enters the sea, not far from the Šibenik bridge. One of the meals often prepared in these parts is a simple but tasty dish of salted anchovies in olive oil as is lamb prepared on an open fire under a baker's lid.

The wines of Šibenik's coastline and islands are known afar. Among them the best-known are the vineyards of Primošten and those of the indigenous Babić grape that have, because of their beauty, their unusual geographic position and the sparse soil in which they grow, become a real monument to the industrious hands of the farmer, and a picture of these vineyards graces the lobby to the United Nations building.


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