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Šibenik's streets, stairs and squares, shores and parks, the cathedral and theatre are just a part of the countless stages on which the International Children's Festival lives every summer, the only event of its kind in the world. During the almost one month the festival lasts the open spaces of the city every day host children's plays from around the world and only the youngest those days have the right to run the municipal premises.

With a great deal fewer years under its belt, the "Dalmatian Chansons in Šibenik" festival of the authentic and warm-hearted music of Dalmatia has become one of the trademark and recognisable summer events in this city. Music simply lives in every corner of Šibenik. It currently has 6 historical and 4 modern organs, making it the place with the most organs in Croatia. This is on account of the yearly gatherings of organ-lovers who research sacral music.

The "Medieval Fair in Šibenik" is an event that aims to preserve the folklore and ethnic heritage of the region, handcrafts and souvenirs, original goods made of wood, metal and other materials. It is held at the end of July.

There is a hundred-year old custom in the town of Vodice - every year just before Easter the streets are home to "žudije" outfitted in the garb of Roman legionaries, bearing maces, who go to the church altars to guard "Christ's Tomb" until the Resurrection. On Good Friday they go in procession following "Jesus" who bears a heavy cross through the town. On Easter Monday the women of Vodice, dressed in their best folk garb serve Easter breakfast of "fritule" and "kroštule" pastries.

The Šibenik area is also home to two of Dalmatia's most popular disco's, the "Hacijenda" and the "Aurora", open-air affairs during the summer months that every evening gather thousands of young people from Zadar to Makarska.

The town of Tribunj, for its part, is home to the singular "Hrvatski tovar" association dedicated to the protection of Croatia's donkeys.

Croatia's largest Wellness centre is located in Šibenik's "Solaris" hotel complex and consists of six heated pools, two of which have seawater and whose temperature is maintained at 28 degrees Celsius. The sweet water pools feature underwater massage and are heated to 30 degrees Celsius and offer underwater massage geysers, swimming against a current and waterfalls.

In Primošten Burni, located 8 km from the town of Primošten, there are the Jurlinovi dvori, a place of preserved and renovated indigenous stone construction in village homesteads in which visitors can take in the ethnic heritage of the region, listen to traditional and historical stories and taste the local specialities. At visitor's disposal are two-bed rooms and apartments.

The small island of Prišnjak is only 300 metres from Murter. It has a lighthouse built in 1886 surrounded by a pine forest and offers lodgings in an apartment. A holiday here is only recommended for those seeking absolute quite, peace and privacy.


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