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In Šibenik region you must...

- see – the "žudije" of Vodice
- visit – the Krka waterfalls
- feel – the true spirit of Dalmatia at the Jurlinovi dvori
- taste – the mussels of Šibenik
- hear – the Evenings of Dalmatian Chansons in Šibenik

Natural heritage

The Kornati National Park, which in part also belongs to the Zadar region, in the Šibenik region area binds the wild beauty of stone with the blue of an unbelievably clear sea, a quiet like nowhere else and the charm of hidden coves that leave every sea-lover breathless. They got their name from Kornat, the largest of the islands, and legend says that "on the last day of creation God wished to crown His work and so created the Kornati islands from tears, stars and breath." So wrote the overjoyed George Bernard Shaw, himself marvelling at the beauty of the densest group of islands in the European part of the Mediterranean.

A heritage of culture and history

Monuments of culture and history to this day bear witness to the long period of settled life in the region and to the building skill of the region's inhabitants, among which the antiquity period sites of Bribirska glavica and Roman-era Skardon stand out, as does the Šibenik fortifications of St. Michael, St. Ivan Šubićevac and St. Nicholas – the Knin fortress. The Šibenik Fortress itself was built in the 9th century while the city is first mentioned in 1066 in a donation made by Croatian King Petar Krešimir on account of which Šibenik is to this day called the City of Krešimir. The city was founded by Croatians more than a thousand years ago.

Arts and Entertainment Events

Šibenik's streets, stairs and squares, shores and parks, the cathedral and theatre are just a part of the countless stages on which the International Children's Festival lives every summer, the only event of its kind in the world. During the almost one month the festival lasts the open spaces of the city every day host children's plays from around the world and only the youngest those days have the right to run the municipal premises.

Active tourism

The Šibenik region has organised cycling paths in the vicinities of Šibenik, Vodice and Primošten. Murter every year hosts an underwater fishing event while the opportunities for nautical tourism are great, thanks to the exceptionally large number of islands, bays and gentle coves offering safe harbour to nautical tourists.


The cuisine of the Šibenik area is typical of Dalmatian cookery, with plenty of fish and shellfish among which Šibenik mussels stand out as a local speciality, known far and wide for their flavour and size, especially those gathered at the mouth of the Krka river as it enters the sea, not far from the Šibenik bridge. One of the meals often prepared in these parts is a simple but tasty dish of salted anchovies in olive oil as is lamb prepared on an open fire under a baker's lid.

Hailing from the Šibenik region are former NBA basketball player Dražen Petrović who died tragically, actor Goran Višnjić, Faust Vrančić, the inventor of the parachute, and world famous pianist Maksim Mrvica.

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