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Cultural and historical heritage

The cultural-historical heritage of Kvarner is exceptionally interesting and content full and this has resulted in the development of various selective forms of tourism, like for example ethno-tourisms, sacral and cultural tourism. In total, Kvarner has 278 protected cultural localities, of which 117 are historical entities, 161 are historical buildings and complexes. The most numerous is the profane heritage, followed by ethnological, memorial and sacral, then hydro-archaeological and archaeological heritage.

Nearly every second or third town, municipality or locality have something to offer their guests in this respect, and one of the most frequently mentioned and set apart monuments is the Bašćanska ploča (stone tablet), a monument to the Croatian language carved in stone from about 1100 A.D. written in transitory type of script, from rounded to squarish Glagolitic script. Along with church ritual manuscripts and texts, the events from everyday social life, as well as legal documents like the Vinodol, Vrbnik and Krk laws were written in Glagolitic script. Also worthy of attention are the numerous Marian shrines among which is the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat above Rijeka, one of the oldest shrines in the world, in which from 1291 to 1294 the holy Nazarethan house was kept.


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