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From Slovenia you can enter Istra at three border crossings (Plovanija, Kaštel and Požane), while from the rest of Croatia through the tunnel Učka. Owing to the semi-highway, the Istrian ipsilon (Istrian Y road), the time it takes to travel between the two most distant points, the point of northern Istra to southern Istra, is now only an hour and a half drive.

Actually 2006 will see the completion of the final section of the Ipsilon (Y road), by with the Croatian-Slovenia border crossing at Dragonja and the Primorje-Gorska County will be connected to Pula itself, the largest and southern most Istrian town. You can also reach Istra by air. Regular flights of the national company Croatia Airlines from the Pula Airport connect Istra with most of Europe, while the arrival of a low-cost company is expected soon. In summer a significant number of charter flights also land at Pula Airport. There is a smaller airport located in Vrsar which is open for international flights during summer, while Medulin has a tourist airport.


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