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Along with the fact that it is a multicultural and multi-lingual environment, the uniqueness of Istra lies in the fact that so much diversity is so harmoniously intertwined in such a small place: rich cultural-historical heritage with modern architecture and art; untouched beaches and clean sea with picturesque towns and natural beauty in the interior, luxuriously decorated hotels and villas with warm village rural tourisms, healthy Mediterranean seafood cuisine with autochthonous Istrian specialties.

Winter tourist offer

The tourist season in Istra is gradually widening to encompass spring and autumn and this is partly due to the content based on traditional customs and autochthonous products offered in the interior part of the Peninsula. The Days of Truffles in northern Istra begin in September and in the following three months nearly every week there are various fairs, festivals and exhibitions about truffles organised.

Istria accommodation

On any given day, the hotels, apartment settlements, camps, rural tourism facilities and classic private accommodation facilities can accommodate about 200 thousand guests. To improve the quality of accommodation and services, six of the largest Istrian hotel companies in 2006 invested about one billion HRK in the renovation of their facilities. To this must be added investments by smaller companies and private owners. The Master plan of Istrian tourism for 2004 to 2012 foresees joint investments of the private and public sector in the amount of three billion Euros.

Famous people

Even though Istra has produced many famous people known in the wider region, world “fame” has primarily been achieved by sports people. Mate Parlov, a native of Pula was double European champion, Olympic medal winner, World champion and professional champion of Europe and the world in boxing. Lino Červar from Umag was at the helm of the Croatian handball team, world champions and Olympic medal winners.


From Slovenia you can enter Istra at three border crossings (Plovanija, Kaštel and Požane), while from the rest of Croatia through the tunnel Učka. Owing to the semi-highway, the Istrian ipsilon (Istrian Y road), the time it takes to travel between the two most distant points, the point of northern Istra to southern Istra, is now only an hour and a half drive.

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