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Splitgraphic 2005 - international graphic art biennial

(26. oct. 2005) Photo club Split hosted the second graphic art biennial called ''Splitgraphic''. The biennial can be visited by interested parties during the month of October and December. The project is made up out of works of domestic and foreign authors. Out of multitude submitted photographs six-member jury selected seven prominent Croatian artists and three from New York City. The skeleton of the exposition called Split - New York, more or less thematically vague, is actually an artist's vision of urban city and pastoral everyday moments of certain individuals.

Naturalistic black and white photographs taken by Saša Burić and Matko Biljak made a remarkable impression on audience. There was also a magnificent colorful display of dance movement amid low tide at sea, the work of Toma Dubravec. It distinguishes itself from other exhibits mainly because it offers a sort of appeasement when alluding to possibility of beautiful living alongside the nature and sea.

Besides already stated names at this annual graphic art biennial on the list of carefully chosen photographers are also Duška Boban, Rino Efendić, Robert Matić, Božo Vukičević, and guests from abroad Tasia Keetman, Christophe Agon and Lorenz Ferich.  

To find out more visit: www.splitgraphic.com

(Matea Cukusic/Split .INFO)


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Splitgraphic 2005 – international graphic art biennial (26. oct 2005.)


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