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Museums and galleries in Split

Split has a long tradition of collecting and caring for monuments. This interest appeared as early as the Renaissance.

At the beginning of the XVIth century, a collection of Antique stone epitaphs was stored in the home of the Split nobleman Dmino Papalic (today's City Museum) and they were described in one of his friend's, Marko Marulic's, tracts.

The Archbishop's Museum was founded by mid-XVIIIth century, and in 1820 the Archeological Museum, the oldest Croatian Museum.

These were followed by the other museums and galleries in Split which keep and exhibit various forms of human achievements in this area where life, pulsating here since pre-historic times, has created a recognizable of autochtonous creativity and different outside influences.

The Archaeological Museum
The Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments
The City Museum of Split
The Ethnographic Museum
The Treasury of Split Cathedral
The Collection of Franciscan Monastery In Poljud
The Art Gallery
Mestrovic's Gallery


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