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Arts and Entertainment Events

Many arts and entertainment event have been spawned on the foundations of the rich and turbulent history of the region, with each tourist destination having its own fair share. They preserve the tradition of folklore, knightly competition, processions and socialising with song and dance. Metković is the site every year of the "Moonlight on the Neretva" folklore review. Within these centuries-old historic walls and buildings there is now the bustle of modern tourism in which every generation can find fun and pleasant recreation, especially during the summer months but also, thanks to the exceptionally warm climate that in mid winter never drops under 10 degrees Celsius, year-round.

The Dubrovnik Summer Games are the premier arts event of the year, not only in Dubrovnik itself but also in all of Croatia. A long tradition, the irreplaceable backdrops of ancient Dubrovnik's stone edifices, numerous premier and sneak premier stagings, the worlds best-known directors, actors and musicians make this festival of arts unique to the world and Croatia.


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