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In the last 10 years Croatia has rebuilt its infrastructure on very healthy foundations and nurtured an image to suit the slogan of the destination "Croatia - the Mediterranean as it once was": quality before quantity, an ecologically clean environment, preservation of the balance between the local slow rhythm of life with the number of tourists, non-commercialisation and not too many built up coastlines and islands, lovely old cities and localities, history, culture, all blended together in perfect harmony.

It is precisely this unique combination of culture, history, gastronomy, accessibility and affordable prices which has caused the rise of Croatia to the top of the list of most desirable tourist countries. Namely, Lonely Planet, the renowned tourist guide, proclaimed Croatia as the most desirable destination in the world for 2005 and one of the surveyed journalists explained his choice of Croatia in these words: "Croatia attracts a wide spectrum of tourists with its rich diversity of attractions, but at the same time is not too crowded with tourists. It has developed an excellent tourist infrastructure which suits both adventurers and those guests looking for a specific level of comfort. This is definitely Croatia's year".

Croatia's real treasure lies in the diversity offered by the country itself and it is most obvious insofar as we look through the tourist region and its rich offer. It is precisely for this reason we are representing each region separately, in its richness and diversity - Zagreb and central Croatia, Slavonia, Istra, Kvarner and Dalmatia. Welcome.

Source of all articles from section "Croatia" is Croatia National Tourist board - press material

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Zagreb - The Croatian metropolis

Zagreb www.zagreb-touristinfo.hr, the capital of and largest city in Croatia, is a city of rich history and arts, entertainment and sports. With its attractions, beauty and organisational capabilities it is host to congresses and arts, sports and other events. This central European city is, in the true sense of the word, like a magnet attracting visitors who want to get to know its past and present – read on the streets of the Upper City, the somewhat younger, but no longer young, Lower City and those of New Zagreb.

Central Croatia

Although it is not perceived as a typical tourist region, central Croatia is a very interesting area that offers great opportunities for recreation, arts tourism, sight-seeing in interesting towns, castles and natural points of interest. A region of rolling hills with many vineyards, covered in forests and intersected by rivers, with numerous Baroque-period churches, monasteries, castles, forts and museums, it is just now uncovering itself to tourists who will here find attractions year-round. To this should be added thermal springs that have, with improvements and the building of thermal resorts become an ideal place for rest and relaxation as well as health and beauty programs that are entirely in keeping with new trends in tourism. Organised cycling routes, Wine Roads, traditions, old trades and an excellent selection of cuisine on offer are an ideal combination for weekend packages or rest and relaxation.


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